Walk Schedule, Descriptions, and Leaders

Time Walk Walk Leader
TBD 0:00 PM Tree Kathie Ohsann
TBD 0:00 PM Perennial Fran Litwin
TBD 0:00 PM Native / Wildflower Donna Katsuranis

Tree Walk

Kathie Ohsann, Master Gardener, will lead a walk of the grounds discussing the native trees that can be found on the property.

Native / Wildflower Walk

Take a walk through the grounds and along the outskirts of the wooded area of the Bethel grounds with Advanced Master Gardener Donna Katsuranis.  Donna will point out the wildflowers that grow here and explain their role in sustaining birds, butterflies and bees.  Learn how to spot invasive plants often found in natural areas.

Donna is an Interfaith Minister with a special love for wildflowers.

Perennial Walk

The Bethel grounds has several gardens maintained by the Master Gardeners.  They are planted with natives and self-sustaining trees, shrubs, and perennials designed to add color through the growing season and to attract birds, butterflies and bees.  Take a short walk with Fran Litwin, an Advanced Master Gardener and learn about these plants, their habits and how they contribute to the curb appeal of the property.

Fran is a Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional and owner of Garden Vision Landscape & Design.